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Are you passionate about getting involved? Want to become more active with the JCCCW? Then sign up to become a Yoisho! Volunteer! The goal of the Yoisho! Volunteer Program is to foster volunteerism and leadership in the community by directly involving community members in the Cultural Center project. Over 200 Yoisho! volunteers lend their talents and time to running our cultural programs, staffing our events, assisting us with our operations, and lending a hand in maintaining our historic campus throughout the year.  These volunteers play an invaluable role at the JCCCW donating their time and talents to provide support for programs and events at the Cultural Center. Our volunteers come from various backgrounds but all are dedicated to the JCCCW’s mission of promoting and sharing Japanese and Japanese American history and culture.

Whether you are available for only one weekend a year, or can come in on a regular schedule, there are volunteer opportunities for you to make a difference in the community and assist us in fulfilling our mission.
EVENT VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Throughout the year the JCCCW hosts major events on campus.  We also participate in different community events. Special event volunteer opportunities are announced via email and social media.  Volunteers join if they are available.

Examples of past Event Volunteer positions:

  • Craft Activity Volunteers at Kodomo No Hi – Each creative, hands-on children’s activity needs volunteers to help the program coordinator in running the activity, assist children taking part, and managing stations.
  • Banquet Greeters at Tomodachi Luncheon – Welcome guests, hand out programs, and help guests with any needs.
  • Spring Campus Clean-Up – Assisting JCCCW staff with sweeping, vacuuming, and tidying up our campus.  



For program volunteer positions, we ask that you contribute at least three months of volunteering and at least two shifts a month.

Hosekibako Japanese Resale Shop – Cashier: Our Hosekibako shop sells donated Japanese art, dishware, and traditional crafts to raise funds for the JCCCW. Cashier volunteers provide our visitors with a pleasant shopping experience and answer questions on the rich variety of Japanese cultural items. Volunteering at Hosekibako is a fun opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture.

  • Responsibilities: Provide excellent service to customers, ring up purchases on Point of Sale computer, receive donations, answer phone calls and emails, and maintain a clean sale floor.
  • Time Commitment: Regular schedule of at least two shifts a month during Hosekibako hours Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10AM – 3PM.
  • Skill Requirements: Retail experience preferred but not required.

Hosekibako Japanese Resale Shop – Pricing: Pricing volunteers are the cultural experts who work as a team to identify and price donated Japanese art, dishware, and traditional crafts for sale in the store. Volunteering at Hosekibako is a unique opportunity to care for Japanese antiques, and ‘mingei’, the folk art movement.

  • Responsibilities: Work in a team to sort and clean new donations, identify and price donated items, log merchandise into our store, and prepare item displays. Hosekibako pricing volunteers are also asked to assist us prepare for our annual All Things Japanese Sale fundraiser in August.
  • Time Commitment: Regular schedule of at least two shifts a month during JCCCW office hours Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 5PM.
  • Skill Requirements: Knowledge of traditional Japanese items, 日本語 (Japanese) literate proficiency desired.

Nikkei Bunko (Japanese Library): Nikkei Bunko has over 10,000 Japanese fiction and nonfiction books, manga, DVDs, and Music CDs to check out. Volunteers maintain the library and assist our visitors with a pleasant browsing experience. Volunteering at Nikkei Bunko is a great opportunity to share Japanese literature and immerse yourself in 日本語!  

  • Responsibilities: Provide excellent service to library patrons, add and delete books from our catalog, pull and reshelf books, and maintain a clean library.
  • Time Commitment: Regular schedule of at least two shifts a month during library Hours: Tuesday and Friday 10AM – 3PM.
  • Skill Requirements: Advanced 日本語 (Japanese) written and spoken proficiency required. Library software experience preferred but not required.

Nikkei History Museum: Assist JCCCW Museum Coordinator and Museum Committee in providing support and care for the historic artifacts and records in the Nikkei History Museum.

  • Responsibilities: Assist with the re-housing and cataloging of the JCCCW’s permanent and special collections of museum artifacts. Develop the JCCCW museum’s Permanent Exhibit Project, which is being funded by a 4Culture Heritage Projects award. Volunteers will have the opportunity for hands-on participation in every part of the development process, including curating objects, contributing to written content, and working with JCCCW’s staff. During JCCCW events and museum exhibits, volunteers will give visitor tours of facilities.
  • Time Commitment: Weekday afternoons, weekly schedule highly desired.
  • Skill Requirements: Volunteers must have experience with museum collections.

Japanese Language School Teacher’s Aid: The JCCCW houses the oldest operating Japanese Language School (JLS) in the continental United States. The JLS provides six levels of Japanese classes for a class of 100 students age 7 – 18 Saturday mornings.

  • Responsibilities: Teacher’s Aids will have the opportunity to assist teachers in small classes over the course of the school year. Lead language exercises, pass out paperwork, and assist teachers in leading the class.
  • Time Commitment: Saturday mornings 8:30AM – 12:00PM, every weekend preferred but scheduled assistance is always welcome.
  • Skill Requirements: Advanced 日本語  proficiency required.



For other volunteer positions, we ask that you contribute at least six months of volunteering.

WordPress Web Design Assistant: Assist JCCCW staff in maintaining and updating our website.

  • Responsibilities: Assist JCCCW staff in maintaining new content to the site. This volunteer position can be done off-campus.
  • Time Commitment: On-Call; availability by email preferred, able to visit our office to meet with staff on occasions as well as be in contact, work at home to update site.
  • Skill Requirements: Volunteers must have experience with WordPress and Web Design.

Groundskeeper: The JCCCW is looking for a skilled and flexible groundskeeper who can perform routine maintenance on JCCCW campus. A Volunteer Groundskeeper is an essential service in maintaining this historic and active facility.

  • Responsibilities: Tasks would include changing light bulbs, checking smoke alarms, replacing window screens, spot painting, and a general monitoring of the condition of the property.
  • Time Commitment: Flexible, once a month at JCCCW for three to four hours during office hours.
  • Skill Requirements: No special skills or experience required.

Kintsugi Gardener: The JCCCW Kintsugi Garden is rented out for weddings, birthdays, musical performances, and other events. As a beautiful public space on the JCCCW campus, the garden requires diligent maintenance. Garden volunteers would dedicate time to maintaining the garden in its beautiful state.

  • Time Commitment: Flexible schedule, especially during spring and fall.
  • Skill Requirements: No special skills required, however must be able to rake, prune, weed, water and other gardening tasks with ease.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Yoisho! Volunteer at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington. We rely upon the gifts of time and talents of our volunteers share and we would gratefully appreciate your help.  Please fill out this questionnaire so we know how best to include you as a Yoishi! Volunteer!


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