Taiko Groups at JCCCW

What is Taiko?

The word taiko refers to a traditional Japanese drum which can vary in size. Throughout history the taiko was used as a way of communicating on military fields and even used for ceremonial rituals. Today, the taiko is used more for musical ensembles known as kumi-daiko. There are over 100 taiko performing groups in North America. Many are community based art groups which play at local festivals or community events. Others dedicate themselves to teaching taiko to the local community. JCCCW is proud to be the home of four different taiko groups, each with their own unique qualities of music and performance.

Groups that practice at JCCCW:

School of Taiko
Northwest Taiko
Kaze Daiko
Inochi Taiko

The Regional Taiko Groups of Seattle also uses JCCCW for collaborative meetings and practices. For more information, please contact Stan Shikuma at sktaiko1@mac.com