Seattle Seido Karate

What is Karate?
Karate is a Japanese martial art meaning “empty hand.” Develop self-defense skills that will strengthen you not only physically, but mentally, as well. Instructor Tom Tanaka has been teaching karate since 1980 and currently teaches & supervises Seido karate programs at the Downtown YMCA, Northshore YMCA, Dale Turner YMCA, and Washington Athletic Club. 

Want to enroll in a Karate class? Tuition rate is $50 for all students! New students can begin at any time. Tuition must be paid by the first week of class. Register now by filling out the form below. For more information about  Sensei Tanaka and his Seido Karate style visit the Seattle Seido Karate websiteTuesday and Thursday

Youth (Ages 5-12)
Time: 5:30-6:15 p.m

Teens and Adults (Ages 13+)
Time: 6:00-7:00 p.m
Instructor: Tom Tanaka 

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Tuition of $50 is due on site (1414 S. Weller St.) by the first class.