JCCCW Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2017 will be held July 17-21, 2017.  Register today! Deadline is July 10, 2017.

JCCCW is offering a fun program for youth (ages 8 to 15) this summer from July 17-21. Students will learn basic reading, writing and conversational Japanese language skills, also participate in a variety of Japanese cultural activities such as arts & crafts, martial arts, dance, games, story telling, Taiko, flower arrangement, and much more! This summer camp is for students who are looking for an introduction to the Japanese language and the opportunity to learn more about Japanese culture.

JCCCW Summer Camp for Youth 2017

Summer Camp is a one week session, limited to 20 campers. Non-payment registration will not be counted as registered. Brown bag lunch is required.

July 17-21 (minimum of 10 campers needed to run the class, limited to 20 campers)


8-15 (by July 17th, no exceptions)


9:00am – 3:00pm (sorry, we cannot offer extended hours)


The registration and camp fee is $300 for the first attendee, with each additional family member costing $270.  JCCCW members enjoy a discounted rate of $270, and $240 for each additional family member. Deadline is July 10, 2017. Follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list here for updates.

Complete the summer camp registration here: 

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$270 JCCCW Family Member rate for first student camper, $240 for additional family members

$300 for first Non-Members student camper, $270 for additional family members

Applications are accepted through July 10th.

Once the form is sent, you will be notified of payment.

Please make sure that all information is correct before hitting send.

After you have submitted the application, we will send you more information regarding camp with required waivers and steps for payment.

Please note that due to space limitations and safety considerations, application does not guarantee summer camp enrollment.

For more information about summer camp, please contact us at admin@jcccw.org.