Japanese Language School

“The mission of the Seattle Japanese Language School is to give instruction in the Japanese language augmented by the introduction of culture and history of Japan and to enhance the learning process.”
The Seattle Japanese Language School (JLS) is the premier program of the JCCCW, offering fun and culturally relevant Japanese language instruction to students of all ages and abilities. JLS not only offers excellent language education but also provides its students with a variety of cultural learning opportunities not available at other Japanese language schools. The result is a holistic program that provides students with a unique education in both Japanese language and culture.
The JLS is the oldest operating Japanese language school in the continental United States with over one hundred years of history. First founded in 1902, the JLS has grown with the community, changing and adapting to meet community needs, yet staying true to its mission of providing Japanese language and cultural education.
JLS offers both adult evening and youth weekend classes. Please visit the the JLS website for more information.

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