Hosekibako Find of the Week – October 2

STORE OPEN: THURSDAY-SATURDAY | 10AM-3PM This is a Donabe, meaning it’s an earthenware pot used for Japanese style Hot Pot (Nabe). Nabe consists of a soup base made from dashi (dried kelp and fish) and many different assorted veggies, meats, tofu and noodles according to ones taste. With fall already […]

HOSEKIBAKO: Tanabata Sale, 25% off on July 9-11

Hosekibako will be holding a three-day sale around the Japanese holiday of Tanabata, or Star Festival.   A discount of 25% will be applied store wide: find one-of-a-kind items like dish ware, kokeshi dolls, yukatas, kimonos, furoshiki, and more. JCCCW memberscan also apply their membership discount of 15%, earning them a […]

Summer and Collecting at Hosekibako

Wherever you are in the world, hot summer months demand open-toed sandals or flip flops.  Traditional geta sandals pre-dated the western flip-flop by several millennia.  These shoes are made with a wood board, called a dai, connected to a cloth thong, called a hanao.  These sandals were ideal for wear […]