Interning at the ‘J’

JCCCW intern

Ken Furusawa, who interned at the JCCCW in the winter and spring of 2017. (PHOTO BY TYLER SIPE)

By Ken Furusawa

I have been doing my internship at JCCCW since January. It has been an interesting, educational, motivational, and fun experience. I have so many things to say about the JCCCW itself and my internship experiences here, but the best part of my time here has been the people. We have board members, staff, interns and volunteers. A lot of people in community are coming to spend their time at JCCCW. They are really friendly, kind, and caring. I have felt comfortable and safe during my internship; I can always communicate with everyone without hesitating anything, which allows us to have close relationships.

One of the important highlights of my internship is understanding the history and heritage of Japanese American people in the Seattle area. Japanese immigrants have experienced both positive and negative circumstances from generation to generation. Those significances should be recognized and inherited forever. JCCCW is exactly the place where Japanese Americans stay alive both in actual life and in memory. Personally, I didn’t know much of the history of Japanese people in the US until I started my internship at JCCCW. As a Japanese person, I thought I needed to know the history more and share with others what I have learned.

I had different opportunities during my 3 months at the JCCCW. By attending the New Year Reception at the residence of Japanese consulate-general and the Day of Remembrance event at the legislative building in Olympia, I have learned about diplomatic activities. Showing the hospitality with greeting and personal conversation are really important. I’m glad that I got mingled in the different groups and exposed to new environments. It was also interesting to reach out to the North American Post for the Seattle Tomodachi project including interviews with Sam and Dee Goto.

I’m really sad that I have to leave the JCCCW and go back to Japan. From my heart, I really thank everyone at JCCCW who accommodated me and helped me grow both personally and professionally. I’m sure that new interns are going to have precious experiences as well. If I could have a chance to visit Seattle again, I will no doubt come to see JCCCW and would like to talk to people here showing what kind of person I have become. Once again, thank you so much everyone and good luck in the future, JCCCW! Even though I’m far from Seattle, I will always be supporting the ‘J!’