Summer Camp 2016 was a blast!

Whether it was educational Japanese language classes, fun games like a life-size board game and interactive storytelling, to cultural activities like flower arrangement, taiko, and karate (to name just a few things), JCCCW’s Summer Camp really had it all this year! Not only did the kids have a blast and learn a lot, the Ganbaru Interns had their share of fun as well.


Here’s a few reflections from our invaluable interns:Summer Camp - Taiko

During summer camp, I helped with the paper sumo competition, Yukata dress-up, and little bit of photo taking. Mainly, I assisted with the planning and implementation of the lantern-making craft. One big takeaway from Summer Camp was that I learned effective event planning. I spent a lot of time doing research and experimenting to estimate what materials were needed, how much the total cost would be, and what kind of concerns would arise. Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome of Summer Camp; it seemed like most of the kids liked/enjoyed our activities.

  • Erika, JCCCW Summer Ganbaru Intern




Summer Camp - KarateSummer Camp for me was a fun experience as I felt that I was helping to impart Japanese culture and language on to a new generation of children. I helped watched the kids in-between their sessions and made sure they were well-behaved, as well as led the Paper Sumo tournament and help taught them Shorinji Kempo. Volunteering was a fulfilling experience and a fun one at that. The kids were amazing and everyone seemed to have fun with it. I would definitely recommend the summer camp to any children or curious parents who are interested in Japanese culture!

  • Ryan, JCCCW Summer Ganbaru Intern


Summer Camp - lantern craft

This was the first time I was a part of the Summer Camp. It was great! I worked as an assistant for the Japanese Language, but spent time with the kids as if I was one of the classmates. Also, I prepared a craft session with Erika. We made our own lanterns by using washi (traditional Japanese paper) in paper mache. I was glad that they seemed to have fun.  I hope they enjoyed our Summer Camp and interested in Japanese culture!

  • Sayuri, JCCCW Summer Ganbaru Intern



Summer Camp - silly yukataAs the marketing intern, during Summer Camp I mostly focused on taking pictures so the JCCCW, the kids, and the kids’ parents would have something to remember it by. The kids were energetic and friendly, making my job extremely easy. Their excitement for “the silly face contest,” to see how they looked in their yukatas in the photo, to take the perfect picture with their craft and activities, and other picture-perfect moments made my participation in Summer Camp seem a lot more like a leisure activity than a task. The highlight of the week was definitely when the kids were all huddled around my laptop on the last day giving me advice on the scrapbook I was making for their parents. I know the kids had a blast during Summer Camp, because they made sure I did too.

  • Trisha, JCCCW Summer Ganbaru Intern