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Meet three of the Ganbaru interns currently at the JCCCW! As a wonderfully inclusive community, the JCCCW creates a sense of belonging for people of all backgrounds and interests.


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Name: Trisha ShahGet Involved - 1

Hometown: Kobe, Japan

School and major: Majoring in Business Administration: Accounting at the University of Washington

What I am doing at JCCCW: I will be working with Victoria Winkle, the Marketing and Membership Coordinator, to help promote JCCCW.

Reason for choosing JCCCW: I not only get to experience the business-end of nonprofit organizations, I also get to learn more about Japan and meet the wonderful and hardworking group of people involved with the JCCCW.


Get involved - 2Name: Sayuri Watanabe

Hometown:Gifu, Japan

School and major: Exchange student of Hiram College in Ohio, Sociology major

What I am doing at JCCCW: I will be researching about Japan and doing Japanese/English translations.

Reason for choosing JCCCW: I like Japanese culture, but I realized that there were many things that I don’t know when I came U.S, so I want to learn about my country more.



Name: Ryan GianniniGet involved -3

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

School and major: Seattle University, majoring in International Studies and Political Science

What I am doing at JCCCW: I will be working with Stephanie Ikeda on the Museum Special Collections project and planning for Bon Odori festival as well as JCCCW’s Summer Camp for kids.

Reason for choosing JCCCW: I enjoy Japanese culture and have studied the language for 5 years. I’m also going to be studying abroad in Japan at Sophia University for Spring semester of 2017.


There are numerous ways to get involved with the JCCCW. Whether you want to explore your identity or simply have a good time at cultural events, there is a place for everyone at JCCCW. Join us in the celebration of Japanese and Japanese-American culture and heritage by donating, becoming a member, volunteering, interning, or coming to our events!

We are currently taking applications for the Fall and Winter cohorts of Ganbaru Interns. Submit your application to the Intern & Volunteer Coordinator, Theo Bickel. More information can be found on our website here.
Posted 07/21/2016