Hosekibako Holiday Sale – 15% OFF 11/29-12/20

Holiday season is in full swing! Come visit Hosekibako and find a special treasure for your friends and family. To spread holiday cheer, the store is excited to offer 15% off to all customers who visit November 29th through December 20th during store hours (Thu-Sat, 10am-3pm).

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Holiday Ideas found at Hosekibako

Furoshiki Wrapping – Replace wrapping paper with a reusable furoshiki! Furoshiki was traditionally used in Japan to wrap anything from gifts to groceries (much like our reusable bags). Fabrics come in a variety of sizes and designs which make them the perfect reusable item for wrapping gifts.

Charms and Ornaments – Use cell phone charms or key chains to spruce up your gift! It ads a little extra pizazz, making the overall presentation of your gift really unique as opposed to putting the usual ribbon or bow.

Repurpose – Certain items have specific purposes, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them that way! Use a beautiful Obi to add brightness to your dining room by using it as a table runner!

Regular Use – You can also bring back a bit of tradition and incorporate it into your life. Jyubako are traditionally used to store special cuisine known as Osechi Ryouri during New Years in Japan. If you ever want to try a hand at making Osechi Ryouri, chances are you’ll also need a Jyubako for the final look, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can use a Jyubako to store any kind of food or sweets and bring it to potlucks, parties, or just to spruce things up when visiting friends and family. Top it off by carrying it in a furoshiki!