Summer and Collecting at Hosekibako

Wherever you are in the world, hot summer months demand open-toed sandals or flip flops.  Traditional geta sandals pre-dated the western flip-flop by several millennia.  zoriThese shoes are made with a wood board, called a dai, connected to a cloth thong, called a hanao.  These sandals were ideal for wear with traditional clothing, such as the kimono or yukata, because the added height prevented thegarment fromtouching the ground and becoming dirty.  They are also often worn with casual Japanese- or Western-style clothing, whereas zōri, are formal and worn only with kimono.  These are made of straw (middle set) or cloth or silk brocade especially for ladies (left), and they feature a wedged heel.




noritake teaset

The glass and ceramics productions company Noritake was founded in 1904 in Nagoya, Japan.  Originally named Nippon Toki Kaisha, Ltd. (“the Company that makes Japan’s Finest China”), it changed its name in 1981.  Here in Hosekibako, we have a variety of Japanese porcelain tea sets that are ideal for hosting parties or for a collection.