Sakura Season ~ 桜の季節

Sakura, cherry blossoms, are now in full bloom at the University of Washington and all around Seattle. The cherry blossom is cherished in Japanese culture because of its beauty and short life. In Japan, many people enjoy Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, in which they go to a park to have bento and drink under the cherry blossoms in April. Here in Hosekibako, we have several cute items related to cherry blossoms.
  • cherry blossom pattern tissue case with mini drawers
  • tea cup with cherry blossom openwork
  • dried cherry blossom petals
Show your spirit for the season this April and stop by the store!
ワシントン大学の桜が満開を迎えましたが、その美しさとはかなさから、 桜は日本人にとって大切な花です。満開の時期には、桜の下で、お弁当やお酒をいただきながら、花見を楽しみます。宝石箱にも、桜をモチーフにした商品がいくつかあります。
  • 桜の花柄のティッシュボックスケース(引き出し付き)
  • 桜の花の透かし模様の入った湯呑
  • 桜の花のポプリ