Annual Events

The JCCCW strives to provide a central gathering place for the Japanese and Japanese American community and hosts a variety of cultural events which bring people together to learn, enjoy, and share Japanese and Japanese American culture, heritage, and history. Events such as Kodomo no Hi and Bunka no Hi are planned close to or on the national holidays in Japan. Below is a list of annual events that are hosted by the JCCCW.
Tomodachi Luncheon
Tomodachi means friend in Japanese, and with that spirit, the JCCCW brings together community and corporate partners to reflect on the past year and look toward the future. This is a community fundraising event which honors the contributions of individuals or groups who have promoted and celebrated Japanese or Japanese American culture and heritage. The event also honors individuals or groups who have worked to strengthen cultural ties between the United States and Japan.
The Tomodachi Luncheon features entertainment, speeches from community leaders and celebrities, the presentation of the Tomodachi Award, and words from the honoree(s) themselves. Tomodachi attracts business leaders, politicians and other community members who all come together to help support the efforts of JCCCW.

Kodomo no Hi
Children’s Day is a fun and exciting introduction to the rich world of children’s culture in Japan. The JCCCW welcomes families in the community to take part in the Kodomo no Hi festival as an opportunity to experience multiculturalism while celebrating the health and growth of all children.

All Things Japanese Sale
Hosted by the Hosekibako: Japanese Resale Shop, The All Things Japanese Sale features a wide variety of Japanese items including dolls, furniture, fans, traditional dress, plush toys, jewelry, books, and much, much more! There is something for everyone with over one thousand antiques and collectibles on sale and prices starting at just $0.25.

Bunka no Hi
Bunka no Hi is the JCCCW’s premier annual cultural event and is a celebration of Japanese and Japanese American culture and heritage. Bunka no Hi is filled with performances, cultural demonstrations, games, and other activities as a true community wide event, with booths and informational displays from a variety of local vendors and nonprofit organizations. No matter where your interests lie, Bunka no Hi will have something for everyone!
Seattle Mochitsuki
In many Japanese and Japanese American households and communities, there is an annual custom that is essential to the New Year’s celebration: mochitsuki— the pounding of mochi or rice cakes. Mochitsuki is an all-day process which requires many hands, long hours, and at times physical exertion, but it is also a time for socializing with friends and family. The JCCCW collaborates with other community organizations in Seattle and offers a free mochitsuki event to the public so that the entire community can come and share in this uniquely Japanese tradition. Whether you are an experienced mochi maker or a beginner learning about the process for the very first time, everyone is welcome to join the fun for this free community-building event.